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You will know exactly when your truck is due for service and what the costs for maintenance and repairs will be. This will give you more time to focus on your core business.

We provide customers with full-service leases, contract maintenance agreements and rentals. Trucks, parts and service are all in one integrated, convenient package.

  1. Instead of using available cash or borrowing to buy a truck, you might be better off with leasing. Here's why:
  2. Cover all your equipment costs. No need to find financing.
  3. Free up working capital. Don't keep it tied up in equipment.
  4. Keep your credit available for the other operating expenses.
  5. Leasing costs come out of "before tax dollars" and are tax deductible.
  6. Always drive the latest, most advanced trucks.

Sheehan's Leasing LTD gives you an advantage over other leasing companies, a direct tie an OEM. This means we know the vehicles we lease, inside and out. You will deal one on one with the experts. Maintenance is easier and downtime is drastically reduced.
If you have busy seasons or need additional vehicles to handle extra work, then a short term lease is your answer. Plus a full-service lease from Sheehan's Leasing offers plenty of added benefits like established maintenance and reporting procedures as well as predictable, pre-planned operating costs.

Custom tailored maintenance programs to suit your application. We protect your operating license and minimize the risk of coming to an unexpected standstill. You'll be able to budget and forecast easier knowing exactly what your maintenance costs are. Plus you can reduce overhead costs from operating your own shop.



These 2016 & 2017 trucks are equipped with a D13 - 375 hp Volvo engine, I-Shift automatic transmission, 180

Day Cab Rental

These 2016 & 2017 trucks are equipped with a D13 - 375 hp Volvo engine, I-Shift automatic transmission, 180" wheelbase & Ontario plates rated for 50,000kg.

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Sleeper Cab Rental

In stock 2017 - 2019 Volvo 670 and 760 rental trucks. Equipped with 455 hp Volvo engines and I-Shift Automatic Transmissions. Equipped with aerodynamic devices, refrigerators, Webasto bunk heaters, dual 150-gallon fuel tanks, ¾ lockers, bunk beds, full fairings, and all aluminum wheels, truly an Owner/Operator spec. Prices include IRP Plates.
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Heavy Spec Rental

In stock 2019 Volvo 640 HEAVY SPEC rental trucks. Includes 455 hp Volvo engines and I-Shift Automatic Transmissions, Wetline, 14,600lb front axle and 46,000lb rear axle, refrigerator, Webasto bunk heaters, full lockers and all aluminum wheels, truly an Owner/Operator spec.
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24' Hino Rental

These 2018 trucks are equipped with a 24' aluminum van body, aluminum 3,300lb liftgate, 3 passenger seating, automatic transmission, navigation, air ride suspension & Ontario plates rated for 14,950kg.
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